Introduction to Harmony for Guitarists

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Date & Time

Friday, 12 February 2016, 19:00-20:30 GMT


All tonal music from the last 300 years shares common harmonic principles. A study of these principles provides the musician with a better understanding of the language of music, which improves a performer’s interpretation and a composer’s style of writing. The focus of the tutorial is harmonic principles as applied in music for the guitar and all examples are therefore drawn from the guitar repertoire of the past 300 years.

Aims & Learning Objectives

The aim of the tutorial is to introduce fundamental harmonic principles and explore chords and chord progressions in music written for the guitar in primarily the late-18th and early-19th centuries.

On successful completion of the tutorial, learners will be able to:

  • describe fundamental harmonic concepts;
  • identify a range of chords and their harmonic functions within a tonal context;
  • analyse the harmonic structure of musical works written in a tonal style.

Target Group & Prerequisites

The tutorial is aimed primarily at guitarists who wish to develop a basic understanding of how harmony functions in musical composition. Despite a strong focus on works written in the late-18th and early-19th centuries, the principles studied apply to all tonal music from the last 300 years (classical, jazz, popular, etc.). In order to get the most out of the tutorial, a basic understanding of music theory would be advantageous. If you have any queries regarding these prerequisites, please do not hesitate to send an email using the contact form or enquire by telephone on 07791110313.

Computing Requirements

You will need a Skype account and a computer or tablet with the Skype software installed. If you need any help setting up a Skype account or installing the software, please check their website at If you have any concerns regarding these computing requirements, please do not hesitate to send an email using the contact form or enquire by telephone on 07791110313.

Fees & Bookings

Fee (per person): £16

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Recommended Reading (Optional)

You do not need to prepare anything for the tutorial. However, should you wish to do some prior reading, then the following books are recommended.

The AB Guide to Music Theory, Volume 1 Amazon UK

The AB Guide to Music Theory, volume 1, by Eric Taylor introduces the reader to the basic elements of music theory. For those who want to do some preparation for this tutorial, chapters 4, 7, 8 and 9 are recommended reading and provide the basic knowledge needed for you to get the most out of the tutorial.

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